Self refraction powered by AI

Automate subjective refraction in your practice and focus on comprehensive eye care

Save time
  • Easy walk-in refraction experience
  • 5-10 minutes saved per diagnosis compared to standard refraction
Improve refraction
  • Personalise the algorithm to suit your local practices
  • Standardise the refraction process and reduce errors
  • Homogenise your practices globally
Increase revenues
  • Offer more slots to your patients
  • 30% increase in patient flow for glasses renewals
Focus on patient care
  • Reallocate time to patient care (history, discussion)
  • Offer complementary eye examinations (OCT, VF, etc.)

Join the AI revolution

Build your proper algorithm
thanks to our AI platform

The most you use glasspop,
the better it become

We developed the first platform that allows you to make your algorithm for refraction. You can automatically and easily give feedback to our AI suite that will continuously update your model by understanding how you love to make refraction. Each user will be able to have a tailored product.

Glasspop self-refraction
is a game changer for your practice

Impressive ROI

Investing in Glasspop will provide a significant return on investment for your business.

By allowing patients to perform their own refraction tests, Glasspop frees up valuable time for eye care professionals, enabling them to see more patients in a day and better take care of them.

Glasspop is more than an add-on to your medical equipment, it is a game changer on how to manage your patients flow.

Patient experience

Transform the way your patients experience eye exams and take your refraction to the next level with glasspop.

With a user-friendly and innovative approach, glasspop offers an extraordinary customer journey that sets your organisation apart from the rest.

By allowing patient to perform their own refraction, glasspop provides a cutting-edge image for your center and stress-free experience for your patients. Embrace the future of eye exams today.

Amazing support

At Glasspop, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of support. Our team of experienced software support specialists is available to assist with any questions or issues that may arise, ensuring that your experience with Glasspop is smooth and seamless.

Additionally, our partnerships with local distributors allow us to provide comprehensive support for both the software and hardware components of Glasspop, ensuring that your eye exam process runs smoothly.

With our top-level support and our experience, we will help you to build the best patient journey possible.

Designed by eye care specialists for eye care specialists

Florent Costantini

Florent Costantini

“As brothers and ophthalmologists, we bring our collective experience, expertise, and passion for innovation to the forefront of glasspop. Our specializations in refractive surgery have given us a deep understanding of the field, and our active participation in debates and advancements has allowed us to develop a unique self-refraction system that offers accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use tools for patients and eye care professionals.”

Mathieu Costantini

Mathieu Costantini

“With our unwavering commitment to accessibility and excellence in medical care, you can trust that glasspop offers the future of eye care. Our shared vision and dedication to our profession have allowed us to create a truly revolutionary product, solving a significant problem in the industry while providing an efficient, convenient, and private experience for patients. So choose glasspop for the expertise and passion of two ophthalmologists brothers, and experience the future of eye care today.”

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